Workplace giving...easy and affordable

Engage employees, increase participation, and maximize impact with one integrated workplace giving and volunteering solution

Employees can support the causes they care about

  Whether starting from scratch or looking to grow your social impact - we'll help you do good...great


No more paper

forms or spreadsheets



Efficient processing of funds to charity 

Save time in program administration

Significantly reduce the time it takes to create a giving program, approve matching gift requests, and report impact to stakeholders. No more paper shuffle. 

And, you won't believe how easy it is to track sign ups for your volunteer projects.

Increase employee participation and engagement

Engage your employees—giving them choice and convenience on how, where, and who they give to. Mobile or desktop. Flexible giving options. Plus, 2 million charities to choose from.

Add your matching gift support and company volunteering. The result—happy, engaged employees.  

Hands-off disbursement of gifts means funding makes its way to charities faster than ever. Tax-receipting...all automatic. No hassle for you or the charity.

What does that mean? Charities save time and money—and your good work means they can keep doing their good work!

Maximize impact

"As a company we've always been committed to giving back—to our community and our employees. What we love about Good Done Great's platform is that it lets us not just set up creative giving programs, but also track and report on the results. This is precisely the kind of transparency we believe in and it helps to keep everyone inspired and motivated to do even more good. It's a win-win."

What our customers say...

Stephanie Lindsay

Changing the way you give back

Simple online giving and volunteering solution for small & medium-sized businesses that inspires and engages.